Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE essential oils? Specifically pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

I was introduced to essential oils a little over a year ago by a dear friend of mine. She had an answer for every ailment with these magical oils. I wasn’t able to try them right away because she lived a few states away, and they just weren’t on the top of my priority list at the time. Silly me! I wish I had tried them sooner! I had no idea at the time how truly amazing they are and how much they would change my life!

I could write about essential oils for days and days,  but I’m going to go ahead and keep this (relatively) short and sweet. 🙂 With an introduction to Lemon essential oil.

Lemon essential oil has many uses in my home 🙂

My favorites are:

1.) Hot tea with lemon:  I love to add lemon essential oil to my tea. I used to use a lemon wedge, but I was always worried about pesticides being on the skin. dōTERRA essential oils contain no pesticides, no chemical residues, or additives of any kind. They are 100% pure.

2.) Rev up your metabolism & cleanse the toxins:  Have you heard how amazingly beneficial adding hot water with lemon to your morning routine is? Well, essential oils have made my life easier because I’m able to rev up my metabolism every morning with my hot water + 5 drops of lemon essential oil. 🙂

3.) Make water better:  Cold water is also great with lemon essential oil. Do you ever get bored of plain old water? I love to make myself a beautiful batch of fruit + essential oils (pictured is my fruit infused water + Slim & Sassy essential oil blend) . My water is never boring, and yours shouldn’t be either! 😉


We also love to make lemonade with the lemon essential oil, we also like to add some to our fresh veggie/fruit juice, and even frosting! Can you imagine a luscious lemon frosting made with lemon essential oil? The kiddos love it!


4.) Washing produce:  I try to buy mostly organic produce, but it’s not always available, and I don’t have dollars coming out of my ears, so sometimes I have to give in and purchase conventional produce. When I do, I can feel better about the levels of  pesticides actually getting into our meals because I not only soak the fruits & veggies, but I use lemon essential oils to help break the bind of pesticides on the surface.

5.) Disinfecting Porous Surfaces: All you need is 3-4 drops per 32oz spray bottle and you’ve got your elbow grease in the palm of your hands! We don’t get sick much around here anymore, but when we go back to school or if we have company who isn’t feeling well, I make sure to wipe down all the door knobs/handles with this fine lemon mix.

There are so many more uses and benefits for integrating lemon essential oil into your healthy lifestyle, but I will end it there for now. Those are my top, everyday uses, in my home, for lemon essential oil.

Can you live without it? You shouldn’t have to! If you’re interested in trying a fee sample, please let me know, I’d me be than happy to send you one 🙂

if you would like to check out some more essential oils or make a purchase, please check out : mydoterra.com/nutritionalequilibrium

Love & Light,



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